See below for the schedule of speakers and networking events. Subject to changes.
Day 1
10 May 2017

Welcoming remarks

Welcome address from Keynote founder Moe Levin.
Moe Levin

Keynote Address

The future of economy and blockchain technologies in European government.
Eva Kaili

The Blockchain Revolution

Not only does blockchain technology have the potential to revolutionize banking and healthcare, but now disrupting the future of venture capital.
Brock Pierce

Blockchain Industry Leaders – Panel Discussion

Hear from some of the top blockchain industry leaders on new applications, predictions, and what they’re planning for the future of blockchain.
Brock Pierce
Matthew Roszak
Floris Kleemans

Blockchain for transparency and fraud prevention at NGOs

While charitable donations are increasing in popularity, transparency and fraud prevention are still big problems NGOs face. Blockchain can solve these problems.
Jason King

Fireside Chat- Legal Implications of Blockchain Technology

As with any new uncharted technology, questions on regulation, trust and security, and smart contracts, are sure to arise in both the public and private sectors. As the use of blockchain technology grows so too will the the question of how to regulate.
Veronica K. McGregor
Robert Courtneidge

The Rise of the Internet of Value

From the Internet of Things to now, the advent of blockchain has brought forth the next step in internet- The Internet of Value.
Diego Gutierrez

The Future of the Blockchain – Panel Discussion

From money and banking, elections and governments, to healthcare, startups and nonprofits; blockchain has shown its potential to change the way the private and public sectors do business.
Kumar Gaurav
Diego Gutierrez
Matthieu Riou
Arai Ezzra